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Plump & Moist Cranberries

Plump & Moist Cranberries

Plump & Moist Cranberries have a unique format that brings you whole, juicy cranberries year round. Sweet-tart, luscious, and soft they’re ideal for a wide range of applications. These gently sweetened berries provide a voluptuous mouth feel that is unlike any other cranberry product. They can be used frozen or thawed in all types of savory and sweet dishes. With numerous applications – from appetizer to dessert and everything in between or on the side, we’re sure they’ll find a place on your plate. 

  • Ready to Use
  • Gently Sweetened
  • Perfect Topping or Ingredient



Other Cranberry Products

Whole Sweetened Dried Cranberries
  • Plump, delicious
  • Perfect for Baking
  • Bold Bites of Cranberry
Julienne Sweetened Dried Cranberries
  • Sized for Baking
  • Use in a Range of Recipes
  • Dispersed Cranberry Flavor
Fresh Cranberries
  • From Family Farms
  • Dry Harvested for Better Quality
  • Tart, Delicious Berries
  • Freeze for Year-round Use